For my beloved wife

My wife, Haijie Liu, suddenly passed away on Aug 28 2020 after suffering couple months of depression. Only then I realized she was the angel in my life.

I was unable to understand the pain she had gone through, not able to give what she most needed support. Instead it was me caused more pain to her because sometime I blamed on her why she had depression when she had everything to have a joyful life. I am so regret that I did not spend qualited time with my wife during the last days of her life. But everything was too late!

It was a tearful experience to create this website when knowing your love one will never come back. It cuts my heart watching her face on the pictures because she looks so real everything seems just happened yesterday! But I know I have to do it or I will regret again for my whole life.

This website is dedicated for my beloved wife, Haijie. You are a devoted Christian, you are my angel, you are a loving mother! Today you are with our Heavenly Father, You are not far away from us and will be always remembered.


Jacky Wu